The Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council exists for the Mission of the Church and Parish. It plays a key role in co-ordinating all activities with the Parish Team and the Parishioners. The Parish is divided into 3 broad zones and 13 communities. Each member duly elected from his/her community and regularly attends the monthly Parish Council Meeting. They animate their communities, hold regular meetings, assist their community members, uphold sound values and principles laid down by the parish.

Through regular monthly meetings and evaluations, they offer valuable suggestions, guidance and co-operate to spiritually empower people to participate in the mission of Christ. They animate their community members and guide them for the proper conduct of the Sunday liturgies and other church activities. They strive to collaborate and cooperate with each other and stem out at the initial stages differences, misunderstandings that could lead to conflicts and tensions.

The List of the Parish Council Members is as follows:

  1. Maggie Singaraj – Holy Infant Community
  2. Philomena Bhagadia – Holy Spirit Community
  3. Baldwin Braganza – Christ the King Community
  4. Manisha Saji – St. Theresa Community
  5. Lorraine Rodrigues – Divine Mercy Community
  6. Stylan Pinto – Holy Family 1 and 2 Community
  7. Raymond Abraham – Our Lady of Lourdes Community
  8. Audrey Almeida – St. Joseph Community
  9. Judy Pereira – Sacred Heart Community
  10. Veena Noronha – Good Shepherd Community
  11. Rosly Noronha – St. Anthony Community
  12. Gabriel D’Souza – St. Francis of Assisi Community
  13. Gloria D’Souza – St. Francis of Sales Community
  14. Priscilla Dias – DPC member and Sunday School Co-ordinator
  15. Joyster Fernandes – Youth Group Co-ordinator
  16. Virginia Gonsalves – Senior Citizens Co-ordinator
  17. Helen Menezes – Finance Committee in-charge
  18. Helen Khandare – Property Committee
  19. Christella – Ursuline Sisters
  20. Kiran Ekka – Helpers of Jesus Sisters
  21. Glen Fernandes – Principal & Assistant Priest
  22. Fr. Orville Coutinho – Parish Priest