Life in the fast lane

It is said that “one run can change your day; many runs can change your life”. This quote can be perfectly said about Mr. Eugene Quadros our very own parishioner of Naigon. Mr. Quadros started training himself in athletics from his childhood. 

His sport teacher encouraged him to take part in the running race in the school there and then he realized the talent within him. Mr. Quadros has won over 50 marathons across the states. Mr.Quadros created a Guinness book of world record in 2016 by climbing the Satara hill marathon which he completed in 44minutes. The very recent record he created in November 2020 by running from Nalasopara to Nariman point this 100km long marathon he completed in 10hrs. 26min. 31sec. beside these major titles he has won many prestigious marathons such as Tata Mumbai marathon, Standard charted marathon, Vasai- Virar Marathon etc. He has not kept himself limited only to Maharashtra but has also participated in Marathon organised in other states such as Gujarat and Goa.

He says that “nothing comes easy in life” he has dedicated his entire life to exercise and continues to inspire many in this field. At times he has to compromise his other commitments in order to complete the daily quota of his exercise, work becomes worship for him. Mr. Quadros is passionate about his exercise and believes in sharing God given talents with the people who are interested in learning. At present he is training couple of students who are aspiring to join the Indian army. His goal in life is to inspire and help others to achieve the great milestone.  


Beside his commitment to his exercise he has other hobbies such as listening to music, going for a long drive, collecting stones etc. He has travelled over 22 times from Mumbai to Goa on bike. He has the collection of mineral stones stored at his house. When asked about his advice to young people he says that exercise is as important as essential things in life such as food, drink and sleep. He also added that people realize the importance of exercise very late in their life.

The secret to his achievements is “practice makes a man perfect” that is what he has done in the past and wishes to do in the future. Winston Churchill once said “success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”. And I think Mr. Quadros lives by this principle. He wishes to keep the same commitment and dedication till his last breath. Even today at the age of 64 he runs like a youngster or may be better than them, this is the greatest compliment one can ever get. Today if you search his name on Google you get see the image of Mr. Eugene Quadros. Even Google has taken the note of his success. We wish him all the more success, good health and wait to see him reaching even greater heights in the near future.



All the best Mr. Eugene for your upcoming marathons!!!!!

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  1. Congratulations Eugene for this wonderful interview and for your achievements. May you continue to inspire others. All the best!

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